Welcome To Our Brand New Website!

We're starting off 2019 with a brand new website and couldn't be happier to share it with you. Take a look around, it works great on your mobile too and is faster than ever!

So a little bit of a backstory: We've been through several iterations of Angel Lakes through the years and have moved the site across multiple platforms, each time upgrading to the latest and greatest web technologies to give you the best possible experience in an ever-changing landscape. This time around, not only have we updated the visuals but we have had the site rebuilt from the ground up! If you're interested in the details, please read on but be warned, things get a little technical! If you're just happy to know the new site is quicker than ever, then that's good with us too! Please send your appreciation to Dave McNally — He's the one designing and building our site and if you tell him we sent you, you'll get a nice discount if hiring him to do something for you!

If you're still reading, then we assume you want the technical details of the new site! You'll have no doubt noticed the big speed boost over the previous site and that's in large part thanks to the new site being built with Gatsby which is a static site generator relying on React — what that means is everything gets compiled into plain HTML & CSS which is really quick to load. This also means updates to the site are much easier than previous and allows us to introduce a news section so we can keep you updated throughout the year with catch reports and anything new from the lake. Take a look around, let us know what you think and we hope to see you on the bank soon!

Get In Contact

Before you fill in your booking form, please get in touch to check availability. If you have questions or general enquiries, we'd love to hear from you and will do our best to help! You can fill in this form or you can also give us a call on 07966298430