Lake Details

We have 6 spacious pegs laid out with everything you need to catch our Carp, beautiful tree lined banks around the lake with a host of fishing situations. The swims offer a variety of spots, from large silt holes, gravel runs, old river beds and snaggy bushes to ambush the fish from.

Two mature, spring-fed lakes of 7 acres and 2.5 acres, set in 25 acres of quiet French woodland. The lakes were dug in 1962 and up until now they were used for irrigation, therefore these lakes have hardly been fished. 2 ton of carp were added to original stock in Autumn 2005. The larger 7 acre lake is now the fishing lake shown below and smaller 2.5 acre lake is our stocking lake.

View from Peg One

Peg One

View from Peg Two

Peg Two

View from Peg Three

Peg Three

View from Peg Four

Peg Four

View from Peg Five

Peg Five

View from Peg Six

Peg Six

We have a good head of large carp with loads of 40lb+ and 45lb+ fish and many above 50lb and some reaching as much as 70lb and over. There's a 24 hour bailiff on hand to offer help with rigs, tactics, fish care, photography and bait. Whatever your level of experience, we're here to help!

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Before you fill in your booking form, please get in touch to check availability. If you have questions or general enquiries, we'd love to hear from you and will do our best to help! You can fill in this form or you can also give us a call on 07966298430